4 -Mars/Lunar & Zero-Gravity flights with techno-bio-science experiments !


Lunar-G, Mars-G, 0-G flights on world's largest single-aisle flight vehicle

Flight campaign with research experiments and techno-innovation tests

Welcome to your SpaceLand Flight Mission on world's largest single-aisle flight vehicle!

A unique 2-day training is conducted with top level experts coordinated by NASA/ESA Flight Veterans, including frm European Space Agency technology coordinator on Space Station MIR, candidated by the national Space Agency as first engineer-astronaut for upcoming sub-orbital research flights and HISTORY-1st PRIVATE COSMONAUT-ENGINEER nominee www.theguardian.com/science/2000/may/24/spaceexploration1


• "SPACELANDER": without experiments, but with out-of-this-world demonstration of weightless and Lunar/Martian-gravity-related kinematic and dynamic behaviours of matter and liquids, embracing your friends and partners in zero-gravity and other unbelievable emotions !

On top of a specific 2-day training on site in our beautiful resort, this includes anti-slippery socks, snacks and beverages during the flight, medical and operational assistance during the mission, video-file with footage and images of flight activities, entry ticket to re-gravitation party and award ceremony and your mission diploma

4900 EUR + V.A.T. per person

• "SPACELAND VIP": a professional astronaut experience with a customized set of experimental activities according to your requirements (provided no bulky hardware is requested, unless please apply for a research flight package).
Includes all the items and services above mentioned for the SpaceLander, plus a VIP seating on board in the best free-floating zone, a limited-edition wrist-watch, a limited-edition personal flight suit, a special SpaceLand T-shirt, memorabilia and gadgets to create your special "space-experience collection" and a unique VIP assistance by a NASA/ESA flight veteran.

Minimum 10 participants, for a contribution of 6900 EUR + VAT per person.

No-refund deposit of 50% when applying, with final downpayment 6 months before take off. All personal expenses and costs are not included and will have to be taken care of by the participant.

Become a SpaceLander ! Send your application to spaceland (at) spaceland.it
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