The world's 1st non-gov zero-gravity techno-science research and aerospace tourism program OPEN to anyone


What SpaceLand is

SpaceLand is the world's 1st non-gov aerospace agency preparing and bringing to fly hardware for science research and technology innovation as well as any individual from 11 (Kim Marco Viberti) to 93 (Cesare Massano) years of age, including the world's first woman with physical disabilities (Elma Schippa) setting world records at the Space Shuttle L.F. recognized by NASA.
Our EDUCATIONAL & TRAINING PROGRAMS as well as our ENGINEERING & OPERATIONS teams support early stage studies and feasibility assessments of entirely new technologies (e.g. NASA Technology Readiness Level -TRL- range from 1 to 3), R&D on maturing feasible technologies through rapid competitive development and ground based testing (TRL 3-5) as well as FLIGHT demonstrations in a relevant environment to complete the final step to mission infusion (TRL 5-7) using WEIGHTLESS facilities underwater, on ground emulation systenms and on weightless flight vehicles.
Our investors have recently incorporated SPACELAND AFRICA Ltd to expand a comprehensive business composed of 1) the GROUND SEGMENT, namely engineering and construction of first Centers of Excellence for Microgravity with ground, underwater and free-fall drop-towers for payload and people weightless activities such as R&D, techno-innovation and/or educational and aerospace flight tourism, and, 2) the FLIGHT SEGMENT, based on wide-body zero-gravity flight aircrafts and future sub-orbital spaceplanes and satellite low-cost aerial launches, accessible by any kind of user and citizen after proper training at the SpaceLand Centers in respective Countries.
Inter alia, the SpaceLand CEO Doct. Carlo Viberti has been candidated by the Presidency of the Italian Space Agency as first Astronaut-Engineer for sub-orbital research flights (as per ASI letter to Virgin Galactic), following on the successes of SpaceLand since 2002, in particular through programs prepared and implemented taking off from the Space Shuttle L.F. in Cape Canaveral Florida.
Join us for the next OPEN microgravity training and flight campaign, with training in Mauritius ! Write to SpaceLand (at)