Public outreach initiatives



An astronaut-like experience in Florida at the NASA KSC

Democratizing people’s access to Space and microgravity STEM benefits for all citizens:

a new FLIGHT MISSION with TRAINING at NASA Kennedy Space Center in FLORIDA

introduced at the ELEVATE MONTECARLO Conference (

at the 4th SpaceLand IAF Conference, with the Federation participated by NASA, ESA, Space X (Elon Musk), Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos), Virgin Galactic and other 460 entities (see ) - in synergy with the IAF Cultural Committee ITACCUS, International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG), EuroMoonMars, ArtMoonMars, SpaceLand Africa Ltd and many others.

Application form here included

Welcome to the edge of Space !


Intervista in esclusiva su La Stampa Web TV

Video interview by Stampa to Doct. Carlo Viberti on the upcoming OPEN flight missions in microgravity for the European Space Agency's Clean Space program, accessible to anybody from 14 to 93 years of age

MONTECARLO calls SpaceLand

The Principality of Monaco organizes a week of key-notes to present SpaceLand Spaceports worldwide

Montecarlo invites SpaceLand !

A week-long series of events within the ELEVATE MONTECARLO conference, with many details provided about the novel network of public Spaceports which SpaceLand is definining world-wide

JOIN US into the new SPACE ECONOMY ! Fly with us in Moon-gravity and Mars-gravity in less than 45 days from now ! Email to SpaceLand at !

IAF & UNITED NATIONS invite SpaceLand !

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da La Stampa 27/12/2017 - Antonio Lo Campo

from the Italian newspaper La Stampa 27 Dec 2017 - Antonio Lo Campo

Un libro che racconta trent’anni di esperienze, eventi didattici e, soprattutto, il grande sogno dello spazio. Un sogno che per la SpaceLand, associazione culturale nata a Torino, sta per divenire realtà. Carlo Viberti, ingegnere aerospaziale, torinese, dieci anni di esperienza all’Agenzia Spaziale Europea in Olanda, e decine di voli su velivoli che riproducono le condizioni di gravità zero, in attesa di un futuro volo spaziale racconta in un libro (Caramella Editrice) la storia di SpaceLand e i futuri programmi. L’appuntamento è a Bardonecchia oggi al Palazzo delle Feste (ore 17,30 - ingresso libero), alla presenza dei vertici comunali. [continua a leggere su La Stampa]

SpaceLand on Mars

Speech at the European Mars Society congress

All details in the link

Underwater aerospace training in 1 month from now: welcome !

Check and get the best microgravity underwater training ever ! clicca qui

From the U.N. to the Italian Alps

Thanks to PdF srl and Hotel Belvedere, training starts at Pian del Frais

The new book by Doct. Carlo Viberti and all the news from the SpaceLand program in synergy with the preparation of 35 payloads for the first science & technology innovation test-flight in Space by the United Nations has been presented at the Palazzo delle Feste of the Susa Valley in Italy on 27 December; the large audience appreciated the multi-media footage and the wine toast celebrating the Holiday seasons, while many questions were asked with respect to the breath-taking content and thrills of Doct. Viberti's new book "SpaceLand". Now the training has started on the Olympic Alps at "Pian del Frais", thanks to Belvedere Hotel and the company Pian del Frais srl