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7 maggio 2016
Weightless biomed and pharmacological R&D, orbital debris clean-up technology testing and S.T.E.M. education are among the key-disciplines for the public microgravity flight training which COSMO SpaceLand is organizing this year, preparing for new and unprecedented “open” microgravity R&D and educational flight campaigns in Africa, Asia and America.
All will be centered at the being-developed SpaceLand Center in Mauritius.
At this world's first Center of Excellence for Microgravity, entities and users from all over the world will benefit from unique ground, underwater and free-fall/drop-tower facilites, designed by the group’s senior engineers and architects from Italy.
Among the goals of the SpaceLand program, there is also the transfer of state-of-the-art technology and science results from the microgravity, spaceflight and satellite sectors into the everyday’s life on planet Earth, especially for the weak classes.
SpaceLand’s final objective for all the above ground and flight activities is fully democratizing the access of the general public to Microgravity, to benefit from the new “Space-knowledge era” in terms of education, techno-science and social-economic innovation, maximising synergies among existing initiatives in the microgravity arena, co-funded by private investors, especially to ameliorate the quality of life and create high-tech, high-skill jobs in developing Countries.
Such being-developed Centers of Excellence for Microgravity will also provide new biomedical and pharmaceutical means and tools to enhance the quality of life of elderly, disabled, children and long-term bed-resting individuals, thanks to the unique microgravity R&D laboratory features on board special flight vehicles addressing gravity-related pathologies, while at the same time searching and developing, within such “flying labs”, new therapies and medical drugs to extend life-expectancy for anybody.
Get qualified for weightless, Lunar-gravity and Mars-gravity research, educational or aerospace tourism flights at our underwater & ground training and research Center in the beautiful island of Mauritius: you are welcome, at any age!
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