Public outreach initiatives


An astronaut-like experience in Florida at the NASA KSC

9 febbraio 2022
Democratizing people’s access to Space and microgravity STEM benefits for all citizens:

a new FLIGHT MISSION with TRAINING at NASA Kennedy Space Center in FLORIDA

introduced at the ELEVATE MONTECARLO Conference (

at the 4th SpaceLand IAF Conference, with the Federation participated by NASA, ESA, Space X (Elon Musk), Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos), Virgin Galactic and other 460 entities (see ) - in synergy with the IAF Cultural Committee ITACCUS, International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG), EuroMoonMars, ArtMoonMars, SpaceLand Africa Ltd and many others.

Application form here included

Welcome to the edge of Space !