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SpaceLand, the book


SpaceLand City at the first Global Conference for Emerging Countries

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Cafè Scientifique - 19 novembre 2019 dalle ore 18:00

SpaceLand will soon open the doors of Space to Mauritius, by building a SpaceLand Microgravity training Centre and facilitating the landing of the future UN Space Shuttle flights.

SpaceLand endorsed by the President of Republic

The SpaceLand Center presented by the Head of State of Mauritius at the UNITED NATIONS

SpaceLand City : yes !

SpaceLand City : yes !


Weightless biomed and pharmacological R&D, orbital debris clean-up technology testing and S.T.E.M. education are among the key-disciplines for the public microgravity flight training which COSMO SpaceLand is organizing this year, preparing for new and unprecedented “open” microgravity R&D and educational flight campaigns in Africa, Asia and America.
All will be centered at the being-developed SpaceLand Center in Mauritius.
At this world's first Center of Excellence for Microgravity, entities and users from all over the world will benefit from unique ground, underwater and free-fall/drop-tower facilites, designed by the group’s senior engineers and architects from Italy.
Among the goals of the SpaceLand program, there is also the transfer of state-of-the-art technology and science results from the microgravity, spaceflight and satellite sectors into th   dettaglio

Piedmont Region

Press release on SpaceLand by the 2006 Winter Olympics Region


Doct. Viberti on Russia aerospace

Carlo Viberti's profile summarized on the reknown Russian website


Weekend a Nizza Monferrato di presentazione del programma di costruzione del primo Centro SpaceLand

candidato primo ingegnere-astronauta sub-orbitale,
in visita a Nizza Monferrato, ospite dell’Agriturismo TENUTA LA ROMANA
e del Ristorante LA RISERVA del GUSTO
in preparazione alla presentazione di SPACELAND su invito delle NAZIONI UNITE
Le "IENE" chiedono SPAZIO a SpaceLand

Le "IENE" chiedono SPAZIO a SpaceLand

Le "IENE" chiedono SPAZIO a SpaceLand

Con Gloria Coco su Raiuno

Con Gloria Coco su Raiuno

Con Gloria Coco su Raiuno